Monday, August 31, 2015

Working on the Project

Completing this project has been challenging given all the things needing to happen for the opening of school (as well as some personal challenges). Nonetheless, I'm ready to be posting regularly to the VUHS blog I created and advertise the availability of the blog and Twitter pages. The challenge will be posting regularly given how busy things get, but I'm hoping the pressure of knowing that many people are watching/checking the blog and Twitter feed will insure that I post regularly. The more comfortable I become with posting and using the digital tools to add pictures and videos, the easier it should be to post regularly.

Currently, I need to update all the parent Google email groups for each grade level and create one for the class of 2021. Actually it's created, but I need to populate all the parent emails. Then the advertising begins and I can see how many people sign up for emailed blog updates, how many people are viewing the site and what kind of traffic I get on the VUHS Twitter page.

I have two sets of pictures that I need to put into slideshows and post on the blog. Those will be good starts to get people excited about the communication.

Once I'm posting regularly, I'll look to have teachers and students submit items to share with each other and all stakeholders.

This is just the beginning.

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