Thursday, August 6, 2015

Love at First ¨Site¨

Clearly, I need to work on my blogging skills because although I've had lots of thoughts about my project, no one would know it because I have no proof of these thoughts. Anyway, here it is...

For a couple years now, we have communicated happenings at VUHS through the weekly e-News. This is an electronic newsletter that includes summaries of events, awards, announcements, and any other things going on at VUHS. The e-News is emailed to all parents (and students and staff through their accounts) for whom we have email addresses. While it has been an effective way to communicate events and activities, it rarely includes the awesome things happening in classrooms on a daily or even weekly basis. Additionally the news does not reach the broader community.

The general plan for my project is to use the VUHS blog that I created earlier in July to chronicle what's happening at VUHS through pictures, videos, podcasts, and text. There are two ways I envision getting this material. One, is for me to spend more time in classrooms taking pictures, recordings, and video of students and teachers learning together. The second method is to empower students and teachers to gather this evidence of awesomeness and either send it to me or chronicle it in their own class blog, which I can link to in the VUHS blog. The VUHS blog is connected to my google+ account and the VUHS Twitter page, so we can reach out to people beyond the VUHS community. The challenge is how to alert people to this resource of everything VUHS. This is the work ahead.

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