Monday, August 31, 2015

Working on the Project

Completing this project has been challenging given all the things needing to happen for the opening of school (as well as some personal challenges). Nonetheless, I'm ready to be posting regularly to the VUHS blog I created and advertise the availability of the blog and Twitter pages. The challenge will be posting regularly given how busy things get, but I'm hoping the pressure of knowing that many people are watching/checking the blog and Twitter feed will insure that I post regularly. The more comfortable I become with posting and using the digital tools to add pictures and videos, the easier it should be to post regularly.

Currently, I need to update all the parent Google email groups for each grade level and create one for the class of 2021. Actually it's created, but I need to populate all the parent emails. Then the advertising begins and I can see how many people sign up for emailed blog updates, how many people are viewing the site and what kind of traffic I get on the VUHS Twitter page.

I have two sets of pictures that I need to put into slideshows and post on the blog. Those will be good starts to get people excited about the communication.

Once I'm posting regularly, I'll look to have teachers and students submit items to share with each other and all stakeholders.

This is just the beginning.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Finally adding my second video to my blog. This one I made with the storyboard feature on WeVideo. See it at the link below.


Positive Video
Finally adding a link to my first video I made using the You Tube video editor.

Positive Attitude

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Love at First ¨Site¨

Clearly, I need to work on my blogging skills because although I've had lots of thoughts about my project, no one would know it because I have no proof of these thoughts. Anyway, here it is...

For a couple years now, we have communicated happenings at VUHS through the weekly e-News. This is an electronic newsletter that includes summaries of events, awards, announcements, and any other things going on at VUHS. The e-News is emailed to all parents (and students and staff through their accounts) for whom we have email addresses. While it has been an effective way to communicate events and activities, it rarely includes the awesome things happening in classrooms on a daily or even weekly basis. Additionally the news does not reach the broader community.

The general plan for my project is to use the VUHS blog that I created earlier in July to chronicle what's happening at VUHS through pictures, videos, podcasts, and text. There are two ways I envision getting this material. One, is for me to spend more time in classrooms taking pictures, recordings, and video of students and teachers learning together. The second method is to empower students and teachers to gather this evidence of awesomeness and either send it to me or chronicle it in their own class blog, which I can link to in the VUHS blog. The VUHS blog is connected to my google+ account and the VUHS Twitter page, so we can reach out to people beyond the VUHS community. The challenge is how to alert people to this resource of everything VUHS. This is the work ahead.
Ideas for a GTFS project
- Increased communication with parents, community members through the use of a VUHS blog.
- A MTSS site to share details and resources with colleagues, possibly throughout the district.
- Helping teachers with ways to share what is happening in their classrooms, possibly through creating their own blogs. Working with teachers to have their students share what's happening in class.
- Other ideas?

Monday, August 3, 2015

I am the assistant principal at Vergennes Union High School expanding my technological skills and abilities, so I can better communicate with students, parents, faculty/staff, and community members and learn alongside our VUHS students. I'm excited about the possibility through the use of technology to have teachers at VUHS sharing with the greater community the great things they and their students are doing.

Intro for my GTFS Class Blog

Welcome to my blog for reflecting through the Google Tools for Schools class. Happy viewing. - Jay